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Bangladesh Travel Guide and car rental tips

The people’s republic of Bangladesh is a sovereign state located in the south of Asia, in the Bengal region. The capital of Bangladesh is Dhaka and is inhabited by at least 12 million people. Bangladesh is home to spectacular sceneries including beautiful beaches. It is the ultimate holiday destination in Asia.

What attractions are there in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh has so much to offer when it comes to tourism. The attraction you are likely to come across here include historic mosques, archaeological sites and monuments, stunning beaches and resorts, wildlife and forest cover.

Some of the sites to visit include:

  • The Sundarbans heritage site that is preserved by UNESCO and it the world’s largest mangrove forest.
  • World’s longest sandy beach, the Cox’s bazar, which runs for mile uninterrupted
  • Bangladesh’s highest point, the keokradong peak
  • The only coral island in Bangladesh, st. martins island where you can enjoy snorkeling, deep sea diving, surfing, water skiing and even sun bathing
  • You can enjoy rafting at the largest waterfall in Bangladesh, the nafa-khum waterfall
  • You cannot leave Bangladesh without visiting Bangladesh's tropical forest, the national park of lawachara

These are just a few of the things Bangladesh has to offer.

How do I move around?

It is possible to move around Bangladesh using various modes of transport. You can travel by plane as the numerous airports offer domestic flights. Buses are also a common way of travelling the only problem with buses is that they are normally very crowded. Trains are also available in Bangladesh, but the journey by train takes longer than when you use buses or car rental.

Reasons to rent a car in Bangladesh

The other way to see the beauty in Bangladesh is by car hire. The roads in Bangladesh are in good condition so driving can be quite fun. It is possible to rent a car from the airport upon arrival and in advance over the internet. There are many car hire agencies in Bangladesh, including world class car rental companies. People visiting Bangladesh on a budget should not worry as it is possible to get cheap car hire in the main towns and cities in Bangladesh. When you rent a car in Bangladesh, you will have the chance to explore the most of this beautiful country without worrying about overcrowded buses and long journey trains.

What accommodation choices are in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh offers accommodation facilities for everyone. They range from standard guest houses and hotels to luxury five star hotels all depending on the visitor’s budget and liking. It is possible to get very cheap accommodation in Bangladesh. These accommodation places are scattered in all towns in Bangladesh.

What are the meal options in Bangladesh?

The staple food in Bangladesh is fish. You cannot leave without trying the national fish, named hilsa. This type of fish is made using different recipes which can be used for various seasons in Bangladesh. You can also find mutton, these meat cuisines are served with rice mostly. If you are a meat lover, you can always have the mixed veggies curries cuisines in Bangladesh. There are vegetable curries that are made from different veggies to make a tasteful blend.

There are fast food joins in Bangladesh too. You can enjoy your normal burgers, spring rolls and kebabs and any other fast food meal you can imagine. You can wash down your tasty meal with a cold beer from one of the few places beer is sold.

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